Dear Partner!

We would like to inform you that the Hungarian Kennel Club will organize an international dog show in Budapest on June 02-03-04 at Hungexpo.

In addition to the exhibitions, we also advertise a PET EQUIPMENT FAIR!



60 EUR + VAT / m2 / 3 days

The minimum rentable area is 9 m2, the price is  540 EUR / 3 days. ( 3 meter deep , 3 meter wide!!! We cannot provide smaller area than this.)

The rental fee includes 2 tickets and a car access permit, in addition to which there is a charge.

We cannot provide a smaller area!

Power purchase option:

2.5 kW - 180 EUR + VAT / construction / 3 days

5 kW - 260 EUR + VAT / construction / 3 days



Stand construction can be ordered directly from Hungexpo.

If you would like to take part in the event with a sales booth, please send the signed and completed order to the e-mail address no later than 14 days before the exhibition.

Please pay the space rental fee by bank transfer no later than 14 days before the exhibition by transferring it to the bank account number:

Budapest Bank (euro base)
IBAN: HU79 1010 2086 0972 3300 0100 3301  Swift: BUDAHUHB

about which you should send a certificate to the above e-mail address.

You can also arrange your order and the payment of the rent in person at the customer service of the MEOE Association: 1194 Budapest, XIX. district, Hofherr Albert street 42.

Customer reception time:

The seats will be filled according to the size of the required areas and in the order of arrival.

Please observe the application deadline, because the sales list must be handed over to Hungexpo within the given deadline.

We cannot guarantee exclusivity for any business line!

Food and beverages in the Hungexpo area can only be sold by Hungexpo's contracted partners, so we cannot provide space for this activity.



You must be registered to register on June 01 (Wednesday) from 12:00 noon to 20:00 pm.

We will also hand over the car access permits and tickets.

The construction of the stand can be started from 12:00, if the rents have been paid.

Please note that the hall can only be entered by car just on this day!

Demolition of the booths can begin on 04 June, following the BIS program, when there is no more passenger traffic.

You can only enter the hall by car from this time!

Best regards,

Norbert Tibay

MEOESZ Exhibition Office

Barbara Varján